Why Become a Verified Business?

1. More Leads

Roughly 90% of all leads on Funeral Home Directory go to Verified and Featured Businesses. Verified Businesses are given preferential treatment on all search results pages throughout our website, meaning our visitors are much more likely to visit their profiles and contact them directly.

2. Self-Selected and Pre-Screened

Before they can become Verified Businesses, all businesses must agree to abide by the “Verified Business Code of Conduct” below and are manually screened by our internal compliance department. Our Verified Businesses agree to provide fair and transparent service to their customers, and this gives our visitors confidence in selecting their services.

3. Verified Business Badge

All Verified Businesses are exclusively provided with website code, or HTML, that can be placed on their respective websites. As the nation’s leading directory service, our Verified Business Badge serves as a symbol of trust in the industry and promotes your business as one that operates with utmost transparency.

Verified Business Code of Conduct

Before it can be a Verified Business, each prospective business must agree to abide by the Verified Business Code of Conduct as follows:
  1. It has been in business for at least one year or its principal owner(s) has or have previously operated a similar business for at least one year.
  2. It has satisfied all permit and legal requirements for the jurisdiction in which it operates, and it abides by all federal, state and local laws and regulations that pertain to the funeral business and its customers.
  3. It is free of Unsatisfactory Ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp and other similar rating agencies and websites. Unsatisfactory Ratings include average ratings of C- or lower on the BBB, one star or lower on Yelp (and rated by more than two people), or equivalently low ratings with other rating agencies.
  4. It serves its customers with exceptional professionalism and compassion, and it operates its business in accordance with the highest principles of honesty, fairness and professionalism.
  5. It makes its services available in a wide range of price options and in a manner that meets the needs of all socioeconomic segments of the community.
  6. It is transparent in its discussions with clients, it conspicuously and candidly quotes all fees, and it clearly identifies the services, equipment and merchandise included in such fees.
  7. It maintains an experienced and knowledgeable staff and suitable facilities and equipment required for exceptional funeral, burial, and cremation services.
  8. It cares for each deceased person with the highest respect and dignity, and transports, prepares and protects the remains in a professional, diligent and conscientious manner.
  9. It safeguards the privacy of its customers, secures sensitive data, and honors customer preferences with regards to privacy and security matters.
  10. It will promote, participate and support the Funeral Home Directory in its mission to provide exceptional funeral, burial, and cremation services.