Village Cremation Service Inc

303 F St
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Services Offered

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About This Business

Noticing increasing numbers of families forgoing the traditional funeral services with the viewing and expensive casket, and choosing instead to go with a simple cremation and holding a nice memorial service instead; Village Cremation decided to break into the market in the south bay of San Diego county. With many families spread across the country and around the world these days it makes sense, taking this more fiscally responsible route. Village Cremation Service believes that a small funeral home specializing in cremation services, with low overhead and reasonable prices makes a great asset to our community. We are dedicated to providing a comforting and valuable service to families in the South Bay who have had a loss or who are pre-planning in order to take that burden off of their loved ones.

Village Cremation Service offers a full array of services, above and beyond what are simply basic cremations. Whether your family needs just a simple viewing or a full traditional service, we are ready to serve you.


Funeral Home Pricing
Basic Services of the Funeral Director and Staff $795.00         
Embalming $495.00         
Immediate Burial $841.00         
Forwarding of Remains to another Funeral Home $1499.00         
Cremation Service Pricing
Complete Service with Cremation $3195.00         
Visitation with Cremation $2639.00         
Family Identification $994.00         
Direct Cremation $695.00