Reflection Pointe Gardens

10900 N. Eastern Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73131

Services Offered

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CR Crematory Services

About This Business

Reflection Pointe Gardens is Oklahoma's first cremation-only garden. We believe in celebrating and remembering life, so we designed a cemetery surrounded by life. Trees, streams and flowers provide a serene setting for reflection, remembrance and celebration. We use GPS technology and an app, so you can locate your loved one's site and access online memorials in a park-like setting without somber hallmarks like headstones. Our 8-acre garden features several unique memorial options for those who chose cremation including, a waterfall, urn burial, ossuary, scattering meadow, veterans memorial and pet cemetery.


Cemetery Pricing
   Typical Burial $770.00 - $0.00         
   Waterfall Niche $1500.00 - $3000.00         
   Pet Memorial $575.00 - $1170.00         
   Ossuary $295.00 - $295.00         
   Scattering Meadow $95.00 - $195.00         
   Veteran Memorial $300.00 - $575.00         
   Urn Burial $575.00 - $575.00