Millennium Headstones Corp.

2074 Prairie Ave
Miami, FL 33139

Services Offered

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About This Business

Millennium Headstones is introducing a brand new concept to the world’s funeral industry that has not changed for decades, the first high-tech headstone.

A product with more advantages then traditional headstones, like high quality, innovation, cheaper and custom-made locally.

Our manufacturing process creates very little pollution. Our product is a patented material which is made 90% from natural renewable resources.
The headstones have a cutting edge composite material technology that is impervious to mildew, stains, cracks, fading or becoming brittle.

They are very impact resistant and extremely durable, keeping an all-year round brilliant shine, while giving the possibility of easy repairs if damaged.
The headstones are lightweight between 60-350 pounds, in comparison a similar size stone would weigh more than ten times, which allows for low shipping fees all over the world, also the installation is very easy, secure and requires no heavy duty equipment.

We are creating a product that is truly customizable and therefor giving everyone a chance to own their unique created memories, items ranging from large custom designed stained glass - which is impact proof - to custom pictures, choices over coloring, style of letters for the engraving, and nameplates for the front and back, and much more.

We are committed to create a memorial manufacturing company that has the intentions to revolutionize the Headstone and Funeral industry.


Funeral Home Pricing
   Headstones $2900.00 - $3490.00         
   Flat Markers $1100.00 - $1390.00