Metcalf Funeral Home

245 N 27th St
Lincoln, NE 68503

Services Offered

F Funeral Home DB Cemetery
CR Crematory Services

About This Business

Metcalf Funeral and Memorial Services is housed in an historic old home located at 27th and Q Streets in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska and the facility has been home to several funeral service providers throughout the years. The original area of the two-story home is beautiful with a intricately-carved staircase, molding and doorframes, an original ornate fireplace, and crystal chandeliers. In order to maintain the beauty, elegance, and homelike atmosphere, all offices are located on the second level of the home. A beautiful chapel was included in one of two major additions made to the original home through the years. The chapel will accommodate approximately 225 people and is appropriate setting for services of all religious denominations. Also on the main level there is a convenient and easily-accessible meeting room and also has areas that serve well as a reception space for a light lunch following a service.