LA Paz Funeral Home/El Paso

3331 Alameda Ave
El Paso, TX 79905

Services Offered

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About This Business

Since 1995, La Paz was opened in El Paso, Texas to offer dignified funeral services at more affordable price to the local community. We believe it is an honor to serve your family in these extremely difficult times. We strive everyday to provide everyone with information about funeral and cremation services, so that families are able to make informed decisions when choosing to celebrate and remember the life of a loved one that has passed.

As of 2012, currently we have since opened two more locations in El Paso with another location opening this year. In addition, we have La Paz-Graham's Funeral Home in Las Cruces, NM and La Paz Funeral Home in San Diego, CA. Come and see what makes La Paz funeral service leaders.


Funeral Home Pricing
Traditional 2 day $2500.00         
1 day service $2100.00         
Graveside Service for La Paz $1200.00         
Direct Burial for La Paz $990.00         
Graveside with 1 day visitaion $1820.00         
Graveside with Tradional 2 day Service $2095.00         
Cremation Service Pricing
Direct Cremation $745.00         
Cremation with 1 day service $1450.00         
Complete Cremation with 2 day services $2500.00