Hood Funeral Service Inc

409 E Main St
Conway, NC 27820

Services Offered

F Funeral Home DB Cemetery
CR Crematory Services

About This Business

Hood Funeral Home is dedicated to providing essential service for the deceased with respect for spiritual values and individual differences.
We strive to relieve the burden of the family in every way possible. Our professional experience and respect for Christian principles enable us to assure satisfaction, and maintain affordable prices to meet the needs in today’s market.
It is our policy to be prompt, courteous, and efficient; to live by the ethics of the Funeral Service Industry, the laws of the government, and fulfill our duties toward our fellowman

Jesse L. Hood
Funeral Director & Manager


Funeral Home Pricing
   Full Complete Funeral Service with Casket & Vault $3995.00 - $10000.00         
   Church Funeral, Casket, Vault., and Plot $7950.00 - $10000.00         
Cremation Service Pricing
   Direct Cremation (No Service) $795.00 - $1500.00