Henne Family Funeral & Cremation Services

1099 S Fairplay Way
Aurora, CO 80012

Services Offered

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About This Business

We are currently operating our funeral and cremation services out of our home. This allows us to serve the entire Denver Metro area. The benefit in doing this is that we are able to keep our overhead costs minimal and pass the savings on to each family.

All services and visitations/viewings will be done at a venue of the family's choice. We can assist you if you have no particular place that you have for the viewing (additional charges may apply for certain venues). We do offer an opportunity for a private identification at our care facility in Denver for 30 minutes, up to six people. This is a very simple building and room made for this purpose only. The general public would not be allowed to view there.

We work closely with area mortuaries to allow us to safely and securely care for your loved one. Be reassured that your loved one will be in the best care at all times. Even without a physical location, we are proud to offer the best, affordable funeral and cremation services in the entire Denver Metro area.


Funeral Home Pricing
Traditional Service Package, Casket and Memorial Package $3095.00         
Traditional Funeral Service $2000.00         
Full Graveside Service $1600.00         
Basic or Green Graveside Service $1300.00 - $0.00         
Simple Burial $1000.00         
Cremation Service Pricing
Traditional Funeral Service followed by Cremation $3095.00         
Gathering followed by Cremation $2895.00         
Simple Cremation with Memorial Service $1800.00         
Simple Cremation with Family Identification $1550.00         
Simple Cremation $1000.00