Dale-Riggs Funeral Home

572 Nebraska Ave
Toledo, OH 43604

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About This Business

The Wanzo Funeral Home was established in 1912, by Mr. Elvin B. Wanzo. It was the first Black funeral home in Toledo. The first location was 1412 Monroe Street, the second 1303 Washington Street and the third 1210 Washington Street. Finally, in 1937 he purchased 572 Nebraska Avenue from the Foth Funeral Home. Mr. Wanzo was a pioneer as a Black businessman in Toledo , OH. He established and maintained an ethical and well respected business over the years of his direction. His records, reflecting the families that he served from 1912 through his sale to Mr and Mrs.. Dale, remain a treasure of the funeral home. The E.B.Wanzo Funeral Home was purchased by Clarence and Genevieve Dale in 1946. They continued the legacy of Mr. Elvin Wanzo and established their own reputation for ethical, quality and compassionate funeral services. The C.J. Dale Funeral Home, which evolved into the Dale Funeral Home Inc has provided funeral services of the highest standard in the city of Toledo. It became one of Toledo’s most prominent Black businesses.

Allen “ Jack Jr” joined the firm and made his impact on the business. He recognized the need for the funeral home to expand at the present location. Jack Jr. guided the construction of the new chapel which was completed in 1987. In 1992, Sheryl A. Riggs joined the firm. Carla Hodge, came late in 1995 and they all worked together until Allen’s retirement in 1998. He has relocated to Tennessee with his two children.

Mr.Clarence J. Dale died December 11,2002. Mrs. E. Genevieve Dale died May 2, 2007. They left a stellar reputation in the business community and funeral service industry. Mr. and Mrs. Dale were loved and respected by everyone who knew them. They lived truly Christian lives and led by their actions and by example. Their impact on Toledo will never be forgotten. The love given to Sheryl by the Dales continues to inspire her as she continues the legacy of both Mr. Wanzo and Mr. and Mrs. Dale.