Callaghan Mortuary & Livermore Crematory

3833 East Ave
Livermore, CA 94550

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About This Business

There is nothing easy when having to plan a funeral for a loved one. The staff at Callaghan Mortuary & Livermore Crematory is dedicated to serving every person that walks through our door with honor and dignity. Our mortuary has been established since 1906 and is one of California’s last 17 independently owned funeral homes. In a time of corporate owned funeral homes, Callaghan’s tries to remember the traditional values of last centuries Funeral Directors and Embalmers, while innovating with the changing demands of California Law and family preferences. The funeral industry is highly regulated on both the State and Federal level. Callaghan Mortuary is proud to say that we have always met the guidelines set forth by all the governing agencies surrounding all aspects of funeral home and crematory management. You and your family can rest assure that our staff is dedicated to guiding you through one of life’s most difficult moments with ease and proper direction. After one-hundred and two years of Funeral Service, we understand the complexities of planning, coordinating, and executing your family’s needs. We honor all faiths, creeds, and customs. Our staff attends annual trainings to insure that we are properly performing all tasks and duties laid out by specific religions and groups. There are no silly questions and we at Callaghan Mortuary & Livermore Crematory will not tell you what you need, but will honor whatever it is your family values as tradition. When death presents itself to your family you can have full faith in us to be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with at need and pre-planning services. Thank You.