Carl Barnekow Funeral Service Licensee

1002 Tapping Reeve Ct
Knightdale, NC 27545

Services Offered

F Funeral Home DB Cemetery
CR Crematory Services

About This Business

Our organization was founded by professional who are experienced
in cremation services and have provided to over 1,000 families
throughout the nation.
The ever increasing need for low cost cremation has driven
our dedication to the services we provide.
Our goal is to offer our families the lowest cost
cremation services.


Funeral Home Pricing
   Caskets for sale $595.00 - $4995.00         
   Service Fees $495.00 - $1995.00         
   Simple ~ Service Cremation $995.00 - $2590.00         
Cremation Service Pricing
   Urns for sale $65.00 - $4995.00