Will Forms and Templates

How to Make a Will

Making a will is not as complicated as you may think. There are many online resources that will walk you through the process of writing a will. There are a few main things that you should consider:

•   What items should be included: make a list of your assets and determine which should be included in the will.

•   Choose an executor: this person will ensure that your wishes are carried out according to what you put in the will.

•   Choose who you would like to inherit your possessions.

•   Choose who will have custody of your dependents.

•   Use a reputable website or software with premade will forms.

•   Sign the will, in front of witnesses, and store the document in a safe place.


The process is similar for a living will. Rather than dividing up your possessions, a living will provides instructions for the medical treatment you will receive in the event that you cannot express your intentions for yourself. Some major points should be addressed in a living will:

•   What measures would you like the medical professionals to take in order to keep you alive? This includes CPR, breathing tubes, feeding tubes, and painkillers.

•   Include any procedures that you would not want to be performed on you.

•   Choose a healthcare proxy. This person will inform doctors of your wishes and ensure that they are carried out.

Living Will Form and Last Will Template

Living will forms and last will templates are available online and will help you to create your own will. These forms can be found on sites like NOLO, along with specific instructions for filling them out.


The living will form will provide a list of scenarios for you to consider before giving instructions. The form will have you determine when you would have doctors continue medical treatment and when you would like them to withdraw treatment. After determining which procedures you would or would not want, you will have the opportunity to give any further instructions before signing.


The last will template will have you identify immediate family members. You will list which beneficiaries will be given your financial and physical assets. You will also determine who will have custody of dependents. Before signing, you will have the opportunity to give any special instructions. This could include anything from instructions for your body after death to how your pets should be cared for.


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Things To Consider When Writing Will
  • Make a list of your assets
  • Elect an executor, somebody to ensure your final wishes are granted
  • Choose your heirs and select what they will inherit
  • Choose who will gain custody of your dependents
  • Sign the will in front of witnesses and make sure to store it in a safe and secure location