The Cost of Memorials and How to Purchase Them

The Cost of Memorials and How to Purchase Them

Memorializing loved ones that have passed with special monuments has been a tradition around the world for thousands of years. It began with the Pyramids of Giza and it continues in modern day America with the “Reflecting Absence” memorial tower in New York that marks the site of those who perished in the 9/11 attacks at the Trade Towers. Throughout history, there have been countless statues and monuments erected paying tribute to those we’ve lost. 

A memorial is a physical representation of lives that are no longer with us. Grieving families carry on this ancient tradition by memorializing the lives of those they love with memorial monuments on their gravesites.

There are many choices and styles of memorials available and it can be hard to choose one that truly captures the person it is memorializing. This article will make the process easier by explaining the various types of memorials, their price range, and where they can be purchased.

Different Types of Memorials

Memorials can range from flat headstones that mark the person’s name and span of life to something more impressive like a statue of an angle. Technology also now allows memorials to be constructed in almost any shape or size imaginable. Most memorials will include an etched memorial epitaph, although every detail is based on the family’s preference.

Materials Used for Memorials

They can be made from bonded marble, sandblasted granite, or bronzed metal. Memorials that are made from sandblasted granite can even be altered to look black, gray, brown, red, or an off-white color depending on which best reflects the deceased’s personal style. Although these are the most commonly used materials, the only real requirement is that the material is strong enough to weather the test of time.

Price Range for Memorials

Depending on the size and material of the memorial, they can range anywhere from $200 to $2000. That price can be substantially greater if the family wants to create a truly spectacular tribute to their loved one, but most are in the $1000 price range.

The cost is based on the size of the memorial and the material that was used. For example, a simple 10” angel on a small bonded marble base should not cost any more than $200. A small bronze memorial headstone could be closer to $1000. The more intricate detail involved in the design will also increase the price.     

How to Buy Memorials

There are a few different sources for purchasing a memorial for your loved one. You can discuss your options with the funeral home director or cemetery liaison you are using for your loved one or you can search online.

Most funeral homes and cemeteries will have a wide selection of memorial options, but they don’t always have the lowest price. On the internet, there are countless companies that will custom-make any memorial you want at a reduced price. Always keep in mind that the price for the memorial itself may be less expensive, but there will be additional charges for delivery and installation. In most cases, it is easier to deal directly with the funeral home or cemetery because they will handle all of the delivery and installation arrangements on your behalf.

Choosing a memorial for your loved one will never be an easy task; you are trying to select a physical object to signify a person’s life that meant so much to you. As challenging as it may be to pick one out, I hope this article at least has given you the guidelines you need to make it an informed decision. 


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Types of Memorials

A memorial is a physical representation of lives that are no longer with us. Memorial options range from flat headstones to angel statues that can be made from marble, granite, or even a type of metal. The price range for a common memorial can range from $200 to $2,000. Memorials can be purchased from a funeral home, cemetery liaison, or from an online retailer.