Information That All Obituaries Should Contain

An obituary is more than just a published notice of an individual's death or a biography, it is a published piece of writing that honors individuals who pass for their achievements in life and that also attests to their worth.  If you are taking on the task of writing an obituary, referring to obituary samples and writing tips can help bottle up the love that you feel for the one you love and represent it in a written record.  Not only should the obituary include crucial information, it will also tell the person's life story in a limited number of lines.  Here are some tips to keep in mind as you are skimming through obituary samples when you write.

Information that All Obituaries Should Contain

There may not be a strict template to follow when you are writing an obituary, but you will notice that most of the obituaries examples that you refer to will have a similar format with various pieces of vital information about the life of the deceased.  The easiest way to start writing a public record is to gather the following information and then put the information together once you have a basic rough draft:

*  Full Name and Nickname
*  Identification by occupation or title
*  Age and date of birth
*  Date and place of death
*  Cause of death
*  Residential address
*  Major accomplishment
*  Organizations
*  Background and highlights
*  Survivors (this can include any immediate family members)
*  Date, location, and time of services
*  Burial and memorial information

Capturing the Essence of the Deceased

There is a lot to tell about the life of any individual who has lived, and there is a limited amount of space to celebrate the essence of someone you care dearly for in a local newspaper.  As you are looking at obituary samples, look at the unique ways that the writers paint a picture of the man or woman who has passed on.  Think about their personality, their strengths, and what made them unique in life.  Telling a life story does not have to be a novel, but it is best when it is informative and touching.  

Writing a tribute can be extremely intimidating, be sure to make the obituary a tribute while still leaving it basic and straightforward.  With the right details that stimulate the memories of family and friends and the right adjectives, you can pay tribute to a loved one in a public record so that they live on.


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