How to Decide Between Burial and Cremation

How to Decide Between Burial and Cremation?

Making decisions in regards to how you would like to spend eternity is challenging and usually something people would prefer not to consider. Although pre-planning a funeral is beneficial to both you and your family, it is something few people ever get the strength to do.

There are so many different decisions that need to be made in regards to the funeral service that most people become overwhelmed and give up. They prefer to leave it in the hands of their loved ones after they have passed on. This is not ideal, especially if you have a real preference whether you want to be buried or cremated. 

The Cost Difference Between Burial and Cremation

No one wants to talk about money when it comes to paying final tribute to someone they love. Unfortunately, one of the biggest differences between a burial service and cremation is the price tag. A person’s loved ones are going to insist that cost doesn’t matter to them, but it always does to some degree. In these tough economic times it is important to consider the cost of a funeral service with burial versus a simple cremation service.

Cremation services can cost in the range of $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the funeral home and the urn you choose. A traditional burial service starts at around $2,500 and can be as much as $15,000 depending on the type of casket, the lining in the casket, the cemetery plot, and the grave marker. Burial services will always be more expensive because embalming is required, as well as the cost of a vehicle to take the casket to the cemetery. 

Burial Decisions vs. Cremation Decisions

These extra costs mean there are also more decisions when it comes to planning a burial versus a cremation. If you are leaving the arrangements for your funeral in your family’s hands, it will make the process easier if you simply specify that you want to be cremated and where you would like your ashes to reside. For example, some people prefer to have their ashes kept on a mantle where others would like them scattered at a location that is dear to their heart.  

If you choose to be buried or if let your family decide on your behalf, there are still many more decisions that will need to be made. Most families will automatically pick a traditional burial for their loved ones if they are unsure of what they would prefer. This means they will also need to endure the painstaking task of picking out a casket, deciding what clothes you should wear for the service, and where the casket should be buried. At a time when they are grieving, these decisions can become quite challenging and even cause arguments amongst family members.

The simplest way to ensure your final resting place is exactly where you want to be is to pre-plan it before you pass on. It will make it easier on your family and you can rest assure that your wishes will be followed. If you are not comfortable planning your own funeral, you should at least advise your loved ones whether or not you want to be buried or cremated.     


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Cremation Vs. Burial

It is not ideal for one to leave the decision between being buried or cremated in the hands of their loved ones. There are many factors regarding both cremation and burial that deserve a fair amount of time to consider before they are decided upon, such as costs and the location of the remains. If you prefer to either be cremated or buried, or if you have a specific location where you would like your remains to be layed to rest, it is recommended that you pre-plan your funeral. If you do not feel comfortable preparing your own funeral, you should at the very least let your loved ones know if you would like to be cremated or buried.