Funeral Flowers and Where to Buy Them

Why Are Flowers Given?

Flowers are often given to the family of someone who has passed as a gesture of sympathy. Flowers are a reminder that others care and are thinking of the family. If the deceased had a favorite flower, some people may choose to send the family that particular flower as a way to remember the deceased. Those who are not able to attend a funeral may send sympathy flowers in lieu of their presence.

Which Flowers to Choose

There are no specific rules about which type of flowers should be sent to grieving families. Funeral flower arrangements come in all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Some may choose to create a bouquet of the deceased’s favorite flowers while others may simply choose an arrangement that they think looks beautiful or elegant. It’s really a matter of personal preference.


There are several types of flowers that are more typical for use as funeral flowers. Lilies are a symbol of innocence and are often used as flowers for funerals. Some also give the same meaning to white carnations. In some European and Asian countries, chrysanthemums are a symbol of death and grieving. While the flowers may not have the same well-known meaning here, chrysanthemums are also commonly used flowers for funerals. Roses are another popular choice due to the beautiful arrangements that can be created with them.

Where to Buy Funeral Flowers

Most florists have plenty of experience with sympathy flowers. Visit a local flower shop to discuss an arrangement with your florist. He or she will be helpful in choosing flowers, colors, and a design for your bouquet or arrangement. Ask if the shop has any photos of previously created arrangements so you can get a better idea of what you’re looking for.


If you won’t be able to attend the funeral service or visit the family in person, you may choose to have flowers sent. This is easiest and most reliable when done through a well-known online floral service. Businesses such as FTD and 1-800-Flowers offer a good variety of funeral flower arrangements. The benefit of ordering online is the convenience. You can easily choose the arrangement that you like, click to order, and know that your arrangement will be sent to the funeral home without having to deliver it yourself. However you choose to send your flowers, know that the family will appreciate the gesture.


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Where to Buy Funeral Flowers

There are two main options when considering where to buy funeral flowers. If you will be attending the funeral in person, it is suggested that you visit a local florist or flower shop in order to acquire a funeral boquet or arrangement. If you are unable to attend the funeral or drop off the flowers at the home of the deceased, it is best to order funeral flowers from online floral services such as, 1-800-FLOWERS, or