Eulogy Examples and Eulogy Quotes

After a loved one passes, writing a eulogy can be an emotional experience. However, a eulogy is a great way to remember and honor your loved one. Eulogy examples can be helpful when preparing your own.

What is a Eulogy?

A eulogy is a speech paying tribute to the person who has passed away. While this definition is simple, eulogies will vary greatly based on the individual and the person who is chosen to write the speech. The eulogy is an opportunity to discuss the life of a loved one, sharing memories and stories that others may not have known previously.

Eulogy Template

The following is a short and basic template of ideas to get you started:


•   Include a favorite poem or quote of the deceased

•   Mention a saying that the deceased was known for

•   Share a personal story that sums up the life, sense of humor, or passion of the deceased

•   Don’t be afraid to use appropriate humor to lighten the mood


•   Tell about the life of the deceased, perhaps from their childhood

•   Describe positive traits about the person

•   Include Bible verses, poems, or eulogy quotes that will offer comfort to loved ones


•   Offer condolences to loved ones

•   Consider ending with a quote or singing a favorite hymn together

Sample Eulogy

"My sister Elizabeth never took life too seriously. She was the first to offer a joke to lighten the mood or play a prank to get people laughing. Her positivity and cheerfulness shined through her speech and actions, even in her wardrobe. In fact, if she were here, she would probably be reprimanding us all for our dark and gloomy outfit choices.


Growing up, Liz was always finding ways to make people smile. Even when someone was having a terrible day, she knew just what to say to cheer them up. It’s a quality I’ve always admired and envied about my older sister. Her ability to care for people led to her career as a nurse. She spent her days caring for and consoling others. I have no doubt that she has touched many lives, including all of ours.


Some of you may not know that Elizabeth was also a very spiritual person. She loved to sing and often mentioned that she felt closest to God while singing from the choir loft. In honor of Liz, I’d like for us all to sing her favorite hymn, Be Not Afraid, together now."


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Great eulogy examples. Thank you!
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i thimk this did helo a lot, i have ahd to make eulogys before. it was a very stressful experience, and this helped a ton
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Sample Eulogy Template


  • include a poem or quote that reminds you of the deceased 
  • share a personal story that sums up the life of the deceased
  • don't be afraid to use appropriate humor to lighten the mood


  • describe positive trais about the deceased
  • share a poem, quote or Bible verse that can offer comfort to loved ones


  • offer condolences to loved ones
  • consider concluding the eulogy with a quote or by singing a hymn